Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

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Agustin González

Agustin González

Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

  • Modalidad de impartición
    En el Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics se brindan clases presenciales.
  • Número de horas
    Consulte con el centro.
  • Titulación oficial
    Se entrega una doble titulación al egresar de EAE Business School.
  • Valoración del programa
    En una economía competitiva y globalizada el servicio al cliente es algo muy importante. La administración de la cadena de suministro (Supply Chain Managament) debe ser eficiente, flexible y satisfactoria. En el Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics se estudian los diferentes procesos operativos, de planificación, logística y distribución desde que un producto es elaborado hasta que es comercializado.
  • Dirigido a
    El programa de EAE Business School está dirigido a personas que trabajen en el área de Logística y Supply Chain, graduados universitarios y profesionales de otros ámbitos que quieran conocer en profundidad acerca de la cadena de suministro de una empresa.
  • Empleabilidad
    Podrá trabajar como Supply Chain Manager, Product Manager, Planner de Compras, Product Change Manager, Retail Manager, entre otros.

Comentarios sobre Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics - Presencial - Barcelona - España

  • Contenido
    Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics.

    Formato: Full Time
    Modalidad: On campus
    Duración / Créditos: 12 months / 70 ECTS
    Idioma: English
    Campus: BCN


    In a globalized, and increasingly competitive economy, in order to survive in the market, companies have to make continuous improvements in levels of efficiency, productivity, quality and flexibility, while maintaining and improving the level of service to customers. One of the most critical areas in companies that can help us to achieve these goals is the Operations Department and, in particular, the End-to-End Supply Chain Management area (from suppliers to customers ).

    In this environment, which requires maximum cost efficiency and flexibility to unforeseen changes in demand, professional management of the supply chain becomes a vital competitive tool for companies to provide differential value to their customers, and to be profitable.

    The Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics provides an overview of the supply chain with a multidisciplinary approach, and an optimal combination of content design, planning, implementation and management.

    EAE's Master in Supply Chain Management enables participants to successfully hold positions in the Operations area, equipping them with the professional versatility needed to operate effectively in the areas of Purchasing, Planning, Production, Logistics and Distribution. The program is designed to enhance your career to a maximum level of development.

    At the end of the Master, students have the option of a two-week residential program at the Hogeschool in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

    The program equips professional to design, implement and maintain a strategic perspective of Operations Management and, in particular, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

    We keep moving forward.
    The need for training is a constant when the world we live in is uncertain. In response to this new reality, we have developed protocols and methodologies that enable our students to continue getting a quality education and developing professionally at our Madrid/Barcelona campuses, in a virtual in-person or Hybrid format, or from anywhere in the world. Our community is committed to ensuring the education, wellbeing and safety of all our members.

    The Reasons Why
    To choose the Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics.
    We could give you loads more. We might mention key benefits such as employability, revitalizing your career, enhancing your visibility, and so on. But here is a list of specific reasons that explain why taking this Master is a safe bet:

    If your goal is international professional development, you will gain the máximum visibility among the multinationals that work with EAE through the Employment Workshops and interviews with headhuntersand international recruitment consultants.

    The tuition program and teaching materials on the Master are designed to ensure that students who want to can sit the SCPro Level 1 certificate successfully.

    We are a business school certified by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals to run Supply Chain Management programs

    At the end of the tuition period, you can do a two-week residential program with a specialization course on Supply Chain Solutions & Challenges at the Amsterdam School of International Business (EPAS accredited) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands).

    We have designed an eminently practical program on which you can benefit from an extensive program of company visits, giving you an insight into how their Logistics Departments operate. Over the last year, participants have visited companies including 3M, DHL, Dimoes, Teknia and Metro de Madrid, among others.


    The current global and competitive economic contexts require greater efficiency, speed and productivity from companies and organizations. The Logistics and Supply Chain Departments supervise the flow of information and goods from the supplier right through to the end customer. As such, they play a decisive role in attaining a higher degree of efficiency and immediacy in the provision of a service or making a product competitive on the market.

    In their operation departments, companies need multi-skilled professionals with a command of the most advanced management techniques, who are able to take full advantage of technological information systems and also know how to detect new business niches and even open up new markets, if necessary.



    Giving participants a solid training in management of the supply chain, as well as gaining insight into the latest trends and developments in business management.


    Heading an operations and logistics department aligned with the latest developments in distribution, consumer and supplier networks, as well as the new ways of managing our network and cannel relations.


    Gaining a firm grasp of the key factors in new business models based on e-commerce and understanding how their impact on traditional systems of logistics management.


    Applying the latest developments in information technologies to Supply Chain Management in order to generate greater added value.


    Incentivizing the development and improvement of personal and executive skills, with the aim of enhancing efficiency in terms of decision-making, aw ell as enhancing the capacity to detect, analyse and resolve problems.

    Course Contents:

    Our Faculty of International Experts
    To teach at one of the best business schools, you need to have a passion for teaching. Our lecturers have this passion in their DNA, but they are also executives and professionals with a sound knowledge of the current business reality, as well as researchers who contribute relevant knowledge through their studies and publications.

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