Curso de GMAT Success 700 - Online

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Inés Gonzalez

Inés Gonzalez

Curso de GMAT Success 700

  • Modalidad de impartición
    Este Curso se realizará de forma Online.
  • Número de horas
    El programa tiene un tiempo de duración de 50 horas.
  • Titulación oficial
    Consultar a GMAT Maestro para conocer más detalles.
  • Valoración del programa
    Los profesionales de la administración que están interesados en realizar un MBA encontrará de alto valor una solida preparación para el GMAT, en orden de poder ingresar a posgrados de negocios en las mejores universidades del mundo. Por este motivo, el Curso de GMAT Success 700 amplía las habilidades teóricas y prácticas de los alumnos que tienen como objetivo avanzar en su recorrido profesional.
  • Dirigido a
    El programa está dirigido tanto a profesionales con intereses de formación de posgrado en el área de estudio, como a directivos y personal perteneciente a sectores de especificidad en el campo de la administración de empresas.
  • Empleabilidad
    Una vez se culminen los estudios, los egresados serán profesionales con las aptitudes y conocimientos para desempeñarse exitosamente en el ingreso a Posgrados y MBA's en las mejores Universidades.
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Comentarios sobre Curso de GMAT Success 700 - Online

  • Contenido
    Curso de GMAT Success 700.

    Master the GMAT quickly and easily! Top Scoring GMAT Coach in the region!

    My methodology involves 50+ hours of free pre-recorded classes so that the time you actually spend with me is intensely focused on what you need most during that given class.

    I'll teach you how to analyze your mistakes so that you can improve at a rapid pace using a method known as Deliberate Practice.

    Not only will I help you master the material, but also coach you so that you can perform as close to your potential as possible on test day.


    I have taught for many years, but since 2017 I have focused exclusively on the GMAT, becoming the highest-scoring GMAT coach in the region. During that time, I have helped students enter top MBA programs (and other business-related masters programs) around the world, allowing them to acheive their financial and personal goals.

    In 2022, I designed and recorded the GMAT course for Futura, the most exciting Italian ed-tech start-up.


    This is a great question that you should ask before hiring any GMAT coach. You will be surprised to learn how many tutors haven't even taken the exams they teach.

    In Feburary 2022, I scored 770 out of 800 (99th percentile), with a 50 on Quant and 46 on Verbal, making me one of the top-scoring GMAT coaches around.


    The first reason is that included with your class package, you will have free access to 50+ hours of prerecorded classes.

    The second reason is that you will be working with one of the top GMAT coaches around. In the US and Europe, my services are valued at US$150 or more per hour. Because most of my students (and I myself) live in Latin America, I offer a disconted rate so that my students can compete with applicants who are able to pay much higher prices in the US and Europe.


    This is a long list. I'll give you some examples:

    Chicago Booth, Kellog, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Harvard, Yale, NYU Stern, Columbia, Duke Fuqua, Berkeley Haas, UVA Darden, Texas McCombs

    IESE, HEC Paris, LBS, ESADE, IE, INSEAD, Cambridge Judge, Bocconi


    Juan V 720 (IESE)

    Oliver combines a vast knowledge of GMAT and capacity to teach it, with a very human approach. More than a proffesor he was a coach that helped me settle objetives and accompanied my path  towards a top GMAT score. The combination of his video tutorials, excercises and personal classes was perfect for my way of learning.
    Since the beginning he was very empathic, always understanding the moment I was going through and giving me the advice I needed to be my best version.
    I am grateful with my friend for recommending me Oliver’s classes, and I would defininitely recommend him to everyone willing to succeed on GMAT.

    Joaquin P  710 (Berkeley Haas)

    Oliver is an amazing mentor. He really knows all the tips and tricks for every exercise. He always took time to make sure that I understood the topics and the procedures while keeping me motivated throughout the whole process.

    Julian D 720 (LBS)

    I prepared my GMAT Quant Skills with Oliver. It was great not only for providing solid quant fundamentals but also for recommending specific strategies to get the best out of my time during the exam. Definitely a good professor to meet!

    Pedro G 730 (Duke Fuqua)

    From 690 (44V 40Q) to 730 (41V 48Q) ! Thank You!!
    My Quant section performance was not what I expected to be. After 2 months working with Oliver I really mastered the exercises. I not only became confident, but also quicker and of course a lot better! I believe that Oliver's approach to GMAT teaching is the correct one. I truly recommend it.

    Olivia O 680 (INSEAD)

    Oliver is a great professor. He found different ways to explain exercises to me until I understood them. He also helped me a lot in other ways by giving me tools to manage my math anxiety. I went from a 34 to a 46 in Quant in a really short amount of time.

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