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    Our English as a Second Language program is based on participation. Improve your communication skills while being a part of life on an English-only ranch. Our small classes (up to 10 students) and highly qualified staff ensure an exciting experience. Instructors are qualified not only in training, but also in wilderness and horse skills.

    This course is designed to improve communication skills that most often take second seat to grammar lessons. Instead of being the mainstay of the program, grammar lessons give you a basis for the intensive conversational aspect of the program. Beginner and high-beginner level students with a basic grasp of English will get the most benefit from the course, gaining both better grammar and communication skills.  Students at an intermediate level will gain more fluency and the vocabulary necessary to work and play in the outdoors in an English-speaking environment.

    We firmly believe in a hands-on participation approach to learning while still providing the classroom time necessary for correction and full understanding. Students get an opportunity to meet guests, staff, and other students from all over the world. Practice using your English in one of the most beautiful and natural settings in the world.

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