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Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management - Full Time
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Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management - Full Time - Barcelona - España

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Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management - Full Time - Barcelona - España Comentarios sobre Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management - Full Time - Barcelona - España
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management.

Descripción Programa:

Modalidad: Presencial
Inicio: Octubre 2019
Campus: Barcelona
Créditos ECTS: 240
Perfil: Grado Universitario

  • Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (Campus Barcelona).


The EAE’s Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management with participants receiving the qualification from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), provides solid academic training with a practical and professional approach with close links to the world of business.

The Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management gives you the preparation you need to perform duties that are generally required in companies or in any particular department, such as Finance, Marketing and Sales, Investment, General Administration, Accounting and Human Resources, among others. This Degree gives students insight into the fundamental aspects of the economic system in which we operate, learning about the various management areas of a company from three perspectives:

  •     A generalist perspective, covering contents from all of the operational areas of a company.
  •     A clear practical approach, with over 630 hours of practical work experience which count as elective credits.
  •     A versatile methodology, designed to give the professional skills required to sucessfully enter the jobs market.

In short, EAE’s BBA is designed to equip professionals to run, manage and lead a company, organization and any other private or public institution. Our graduates are professionals equipped to take on executive duties within a context of complex and shifting global inter-relations, able to take decisions in the face of uncertain circumstances.

Reasons for taking EAE’s Business School Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management:

Puntos Clave:

1 Employability
Because 100% of the students on EAE’s BBA who applied for an internship were successful and because 95.8% of our graduates find work after completing their program.

2 Services
Because you can form part of EAE’s Alumni Community and because EAE students have access to the services offered by the UPC.
3 Knowledge
Because students on EAE’s BBA outperform BBA students across Catalonia in 13 of the 14 indicators used by the Catalan Government and because they have better practical training than average BBA students in Catalonia.

4 International
Because you can take the degree in the Spanish/English bilingual format or 100% in English and because the over 70 partnership agreements we have with universities around the world give you a range of exchange and training opportunities at an international level, including the Erasmus Programme, a semester in New York, Virginia or Montreal and other exchanges around the world.

Study Program:

Measured in terms of the competences to be acquired by the students, the objectives of each course define both the teaching or learning methodology and the way in which each course is evaluated. Moreover, there is now a bilingual version of this degree course in English and Spanish.

The timeframe of the Degree in Business Administration and Management (BAM or ADE in Spanish) is spread over 4 academic years of two four-month semesters each, as shown below in the following table.

Designed in accordance with the guidelines of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the study program of EAE’s Degree in BAM corresponds to a total of 240 ECTS Credits divided into 4 academic years of 60 credits each which, in turn, are spread over two semesters.


Students must complete 18 credits in free-choice subjects as an alternative to the work experience program. The subjects on offer include the following:

  •     Finance: Advanced Accounting, Financial Engineering, Managing Risk in International Finance, Corporate Finance Management.
  •     Economic environment: International Economics, Business Climate, Global Economy I, Global Economy II: International Entrepreneurship.
  •     Marketing: Advertising Communications, International Marketing, Strategic Marketing.
  •     Organization: Internet in the Company, Strategic Management, Project Management.
  •     Executive Skills: Leadership and Management Skills, Cultural Crossing.


Face-to-face classroom teaching is complemented by the virtual campus. Each subject program has its own area in the virtual classroom, which can be accessed by enrolled students and where all of the information regarding the subject is posted, as well as all of the related resources, evaluation activities and ratings of these activities.

The virtual campus uses the Blackboard platform and collates all of the information related to the qualification program, the applicable legislation and the general academic and teaching resources, including the following:

  •     Guides, calendars, regulations, announcements, case studies, etc.
  •     Access to the Digital Library (CDR) of management books, with articles from 4,034 journals and magazines, many with the complete text and a large proportion of the publications of the publishers Gestión 2000 and Deusto.
  •     Law databases (VLEX), business databases (Business Company Resource Centre, Market Line, etc.)

The Documentation and Resource Centre (Library) gives students access to an extensive collection of documentation related to the general economic scene and areas of business management. It includes five services:

  •     Library, with over 13,000 books.
  •     Journal archive, with 210 subscriptions to specialist magazines and newspapers.
  •     Video Library and CD archive specializing in business management.
  •     Database of articles related to management and business administration.
  •     Journal and magazine cataloguing and summarizing service.
  •     Online sources of documentation

The tutoring activity that forms part of the qualification program is designed to be a student support service that enables the academic department and teaching faculty to give students personalized guidance, information and counselling with the following objectives:

  •     To track academic progress.
  •     Guidance throughout the development of the curriculum and the learning process (study methods, available resources).
  •     To give professional guidance to students throughout the program, giving advice regarding the free-choice program options based on their motivation, academic report, professional prospects and the type of internships to select.

The Student Support Service gives regular assistance to EAE students with the aim of making their time at the School easier and enhancing their operational academic development. The Service aims to resolve non-academic problems, either directly or by referring students to the appropriate department, as well as providing information regarding social, cultural, sporting and artistic activities organized by EAE or the students, which may be of interest to their integration and progress. It also gives students information regarding the various services and departments at EAE and guidance as to the best place to go for each situation. The Service also informs students about the Employment Exchange and the university residences in Madrid and Barcelona. It also provides a platform for comments, suggestions and constructive contributions with respect to the operation of EAE and its services.


In order to achieve comprehensive training throughout the students’ study program and in view of the general and practical focus of the qualification, the EAE University Centre runs the University-Company Educational Cooperation Program for students who decide to take the free-choice internship. Organized through the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, this program enables all students who have attained over 50% of the credits on the study program to gain professional experience. The hours worked by the students, certified by the company, are eligible for academic accreditation, enabling students to obtain between 12 and 18 elective credits on their study program.

The Professional Careers Department is a service offered by EAE in relation to careers guidance and gaining employment, which aims to help students position themselves effectively when entering the jobs market. The Professional Careers Department runs an employment exchange based on contact with companies and human resource selection consultants.

The School’s Company Services are equally important: the EAE University Centre has direct links with over 400 companies that use the employment exchange to search for candidates. There are several services that we offer to companies. We assess their needs in terms of incorporating qualified staff and the employment conditions that they can offer. We also provide an employment exchange service and give companies the chance to take part in activities related to finding work (company workshops, transversal skills workshops, employment forum etc.).


EAE promotes and encourages exchange programs and residential visits though UPC’s Socrates Program. The dual mobility of European students enables us to share our classrooms and studies with students from other countries.

The competence profile of the qualification program includes the acquisition of third language skills, which students initially attain through the 12 credits of basic English training. Moreover, students can improve these skills by taking their free-choice subjects in English and by taking part in temporary exchanges with European universities.

EAE students who choose to go on a temporary residential exchange can count on the coordination and support of EAE’s International Relations Department, where they can find information about Erasmus grants. Enrolment in the destination university is covered by the enrolment procedure at EAE. Participants can choose from the following universities, with which EAE currently has cooperation agreements in place.


The final degree project (FDP) is not eligible for accreditation or equivalence credit as, through the project, students acquire and have to demonstrate the set of generic and specific competences indicated in the qualification program’s competence profile, an overview of which can be found below.

Legally established prerequisites for taking the subject / other relevant guidelines.

The students become eligible to take the FDP course in the semester in which they have passed the Business course (OAE I and OAE II). At that stage, they are deemed to have assimilated the knowledge, skills and competences required to take on the final degree project.
Competence overview

The general competences involved include the use of a third language, usually English, spoken and written communication, data management, acknowledgement of the limits of their own knowledge and competences, and recognition of obstacles and opportunities. The specific competences involved include managing talent and innovation, integrating within a productive organization system, identifying relevant information for the company, and analysing problems using advanced tools.

A firm grasp of the basic terminology of the key and specific concepts involved in the creation of a company. Knowledge and understanding of the processes related to how the business reality functions. Identifying the importance of the business environment. Applying some of the basic methods for analysing the development of the business concept and planning the business reality and climate. Business potential and promoting environmental responsibility. Business feasibility. Analysing the most important features of different business projects. Identifying threats and opportunities. Giving spoken and written presentations of professional company creation projects.
Learning objectives of the course

The objective of the Degree in BAM is to train professionals who are equally well equipped to run their own company or to take on management and leadership roles in private and public companies and institutions. As such, graduates must have a firm grasp of the concepts and techniques used in the various functional areas of the aforementioned organizations, with a clear understanding of the relations between these areas and being able to link them to the organization’s overall objectives. They must be able to take decisions faced with uncertain circumstances and generally take on executive duties within a context of complex and shifting global inter-relations.

The aim of the FDP or Business Project course is for students to acquire, use, incorporate and apply the set of knowledge and competences that make up the competence profile of graduates of EAE’s Degree in BAM, as shown in a FDP or Business Project.

Learning results

A firm grasp of key concepts related to the current business world, thereby giving them a broad overview of the economic reality that affects the company.
A clear and consistent understanding of the most important aspects of the business world, being able to understand, study and analyse business data.
Development of a business plan.
General course contents

  •     The business concept. Market analysis.
  •     Establishing an organization and human resources plan. Defining the production process for a good or service. Processing legal documentation.
  •     Economic and financial feasibility of a business project.

This subject is taken during the second semester along two lines simultaneously. On the first line, the contents of the functional areas start to be reviewed in order to draft the business plan: the product or service that is the focus of the plan, market analysis, legal considerations, the strategic, marketing and operations plans, the human resources plan and the financial plan. At the same time, under the supervision of their tutor, students develop their own plan: methodology, documentation, functional plans, market research, feasibility study, etc. The tutor reviews the formal, legal and documentation aspects, etc. Lastly, students must present and defend their plan.

Students enrolled on this course can obtain the schedule of activities and the course calendar on the virtual campus.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria are weighted as follows:



Acreditation and recognition of languages

Degree students must demonstrate competence in a 3rd language to get the bachelor's degree level certifying their language.

Entry requirements and enrolment:

Royal Decree 558/2010, dated 7th May, which regulates the conditions for access to official university degree education and the procedures for entry to Spanish public universities (BOE113, 8/05/2010), stipulates the following access routes, among others:

1. University entrance examinations, or equivalent tests.
2. Advanced Grade Vocational Training Programs, FP2 or equivalent.
3. University qualifications.
4. Entrance examinations for people over 25 years old.
5. Students from other education systems subject to Article 38.5 of Organic Law 2/2006, dated 3rd May, on Education.
6. Equivalence accreditation of foreign university studies (continuing the same studies).

Entrance priority is given to students who have completed a high school baccalaureate, in line with the Organic Law on Education, in social science, and who have passed the University Entrance examinations (PAU).


We respond to requests for information regarding the Degree in BAM by conducting a personal interview designed to deal with any enquiries or doubts that prospective future university students may have.
Our personal guidance helps gives students a clear overview of the study programs, methodology, professional prospects, exchanges, entry to the jobs market, internships, etc.

In addition, the students and their families have the opportunity to have a tour of the School to find out about its facilities and the atmosphere that is found in an International Business School.

Anybody interested can book a personal interview with the Director of the Degree in BAM, Gerard Fluxà, from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00.  


Students who successfully complete the degree will receive their qualification from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

Live the EAE experience:

Discover your own EAE Experience

EAE Business School strives to guarantee that our students’ learning experience is as enriching as possible and that it takes place both inside and outside the classroom, offering a wealth of services, activities and events that EAE Bachelo'sr Degree students can enjoy right from the very first day:

  •     Before the start of the course: Online Welcome Classroom, Welcome Week, Outdoor session.
  •     During the course: Monthly web conferences on innovation, Monthly management conferences, Digital Management Library, Solidarity at Christmas Party and Concert, Blood donor drive, Sports activities, Monthly cultural activities, Monthly talent development webinars, Employment exchange, Online Employment Forum, Graduate Program, International Career Event.
  •     End of the course: EAE Business School Graduation ceremony in Barcelona.

Discover EAE’s Campus for the Bachelor's Degree in BAM

The Bachelor's Degree building of EAE Business School covers a total area of 1,200 m2 including nine classrooms and common areas such as the cafeteria, study and computer room, meeting rooms and other multi-use areas. The building is designed with the aim of giving Bachelor's Degree students their own space adapted to their particular academic needs.

Tutoring Program

The Tutoring Program is designed to be a mechanism that strives to provide guidance and personalized service to students to ensure they progress smoothly through the curriculum. The tutor is selected by the teaching faculty, preferably in the early stages. At the start of the course, students receive information about the tutor who has been assigned to them.

The role of the tutor includes the following duties:

1. Enrolment support
2. Tracking academic progress
3. Guidance with respect to progressing through the curriculum and the learning process (study methods, available resources).

Communication with students is conducted through the following channels:

1. Email
2. Campus announcements
3. Personal meeting
4. At the tutor’s request (at least once a year)
5. At the student’s request (as required)

The Tutoring Program involves three types of tutorial: an initial tutorial and two follow-up tutorials that have a dual objective – academic and professional.


This meeting takes place individually with the students, usually during the first year of the program. In the tutorial, the tutor and students discuss the personality and competences test (BIP) taken at the start of the course. During the first meeting, a tracking sheet is drafted including the following information:

1. Personal details. Information regarding hours available for study, employment status, etc.
2. Education background including complementary courses such as IT and languages.
3. Reasons for choosing this qualification and this institution in particular. Level of effort required for progressing smoothly through the curriculum, establishing the system by which students will plan their studies and objectives.


There is a follow-up tutorial once a year. However, students may request extra sessions.

1. Academic level. This tutorial monitors compliance with the regulations, evaluation and tracking of performance and the academic report.
2. Professional level. This tutorial focuses on professional guidance and usually takes place in the last two years of the program. It counsels students with respect to the free-choice program options based on their motivation, academic report, professional prospects, etc. It gives participants advice regarding the type of internships to select.

Career Opportunities:

EAE assesses the competencies that companies value most and passes them on to the students in order to facilitate their employability. The aim is to reach the level of development demanded by the jobs market.
Professional Careers Service

EAE’s Professional Careers Services is responsible for promoting networking and serving as point of contact between current and former students, collaborating companies and other business collectives interested in contracting EAE professionals
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