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Spanish Courses for Foreigners
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Spanish Courses for Foreigners - Mexico

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The Foreign Language Coordination at the Intercontinental University offers a Spanish program aimed at foreign students interested in learning the Spanish language and Mexican culture. The Spanish Program consists of seven levels, with 120 class hours,  and six weeks each.
The textbooks used in the courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages and the daily classes focus on a communicative approach.
The learning program enables students to gradually develop the four language skills.  

The following gives a general learning view of each level:   

Basic 1 (A1)
Students will be able to talk about health, preferences, and basic needs. They will learn how to write postcards and short descriptions, and fill in forms with their personal information.

Basic 2 (A1)
Students will learn how to give a sequence to related actions, express abilities, make and reject invitations, and talk about actions in the simple past. They will be able to take part in simple everyday conversations, and write simple texts like informal letters and short descriptions.

Basic 3 (A2)
Students will be able to talk about actions in the past, describe places and situations, express their opinions and suppositions. They will also learn to investigate on and synthesize simple topics.
(Podrá narrar hechos pasados, describir lugares y situaciones, expresar opiniones, hacer suposiciones y argumentar. Será capaz de investigar y resumir información sobre temas sencillos.)

Basic 4 (A2)
Students will be able to express their feelings, emotions, tastes, and preferences, as well as their purposes and motivations in given circumstances. They will also be able to describe their past and present life, and read short texts.
(Podrá comunicarse en situaciones sencillas y habituales en las que exprese sentimientos, emociones, gustos, preferencias y deseos, así como finalidad y motivo. Será capaz de describir en términos sencillos su vida actual y pasada de manera verbal y escrita, así como de leer textos breves y sencillos como cartas personales,  narraciones y descripciones cortas.)

Intermediate 1 (B1)
Students will learn to express perceptions, wishes, subjective states, and suppositions in the past and present. They will be able to tell stories, report what someone else said, ask indirect questions, and link ideas correctly when writing texts.

Intermediate 2 (B2)
Students will be able to express changes at a physical and psychological level, to express value judgements, and to identify and use formal and informal speech levels. They will learn to express different kinds of actions in the past, to express their wish to influence others’ actions, and to express disagreement and defend their own point of view.  They will also get acquainted with some Mexican idiomatic expressions.

Intermedio 3 (B2)
Students will be able to state, defend, and reject their and others’ ideas. They will also be able to understand and write texts on everyday situations as well as contemporary areas of interest. They will learn how to restructure ideas in order to emphasize certain information. The aim of this course is to give students the chance to explore more into the Mexican culture and traditions, and to get familiarized with the way of being of the Mexican people.

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