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Car Interior Design - 1st Level Master Degree
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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Turín

Car Interior Design - 1st Level Master Degree - Turín - Italia

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Car Interior Design - 1st Level Master Degree - Turín - Italia Comentarios sobre Car Interior Design - 1st Level Master Degree - Turín - Italia
Car Interior Design - 1st Level Master Degree
Master - Turin

The Master in Car Interior Design and User Experience is a high level post graduate course, designed for professionals and graduates, taught in English. The course covers a range of subjects intended to enable students to explore innovative solutions responding directly new customer needs.

The Master programme focuses on research and innovation across sectors, prioritising practical activities which allow students to enhance their own creativity, and to refine their skills, knowledge and techniques with a specific focus. This goal is achieved through the study of new layouts and new approaches to the use of internal spaces, new trims and colours, either traditional or state-of-the-art materials, integrated platforms and technologies, with a particular emphasis on interface design.

Career opportunities: The automotive industry is increasingly demanding professionals specialised in car interior design that has become a dedicated and separate profession to that of car exterior design. This demand has led to the creation of departments dedicated to interior vehicle design within the design centres of most of the bespoken automotive brands. This Master builds up also the experience of working in the automotive sector, with potential future career opportunities not only within design companies but also in the wider industry and design agencies.

The course is validated by MIUR as an Academic 1st Level Master’s Degree and awards 60 (CFA) credits, valid for continuing studies both in Italy and overseas.

Credits : 60  /   Start Date : 03/2017  /    Language : English

Description :

Who is the course aimed at: This Master course is aimed at professionals with at least two years’ experience in the field, those awarded with an IED diploma or a diploma issued by an Art Academy or other Institutions and those with Bachelor degree in Design, Architecture, Engineering or Media Design.

Projecting interior spaces for cars means looking at the mobility starting from user experience as interaction man/car, as well as the purchase experience and the management of the bought item.
In that regard the Master is a high profile course allowing students to supply new solutions connected to customer needs.

The Car Interior designer gets knowledge and skills to address the future and innovation of vehicles starting from the interiors, creating user-focused designs responding to cultural needs and adhering to current trends in terms of vehicle use and community trends.


The nexus between knowledge and knowhow is the indispensable starting point for developing the cultural, creative and critical skills and competencies that are the ultimate goal of education at the IED.
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