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International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (Madrid)
Método: Presencial
Tipo: Master
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International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (Madrid) - Madrid - España

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Milena Duque
International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (Madrid)
  • Modalidad de impartición

    Impartición de la cursada con modalidad presencial.

  • Número de horas

    600 horas de cursada.

  • Titulación oficial

    Títulación obtenida como: International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (Madrid).

  • Valoración del Programa

    El Programa está centrado en la construcción de líderes responsables que contribuyan al desarrollo humano, motiven la ampliación del conocimiento colectivo y adapten las futuras tendencias del desarrollo sostenible a la responsabilidad corporativa actual.

  • Precio del curso

    Preguntar en la Institución.

  • Dirigido a

    Personas interesadas y candidatos motivados ​​en desarrollar una carrera profesional en el área de gestión de responsabilidades y sostenibilidad corporativa, enfocados a ejecutar nuevos planes y proyectos.

  • Empleabilidad

    El egresado podrá ejecutar planes de desarrollo en cualquier tipo de organización, institución y empresa, ya que cuenta con los conocimientos y experiencia de los mejores profesionales de la gestión ambiental empresarial.

International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (Madrid) - Madrid - España Comentarios sobre International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (Madrid) - Madrid - España
Leda Stott

IMSD Director

    Among the first of its kind in Spain, IMSD is a flagship programme of EOI. It combines both academic and practical perspectives on the contemporary global issues of Corporate Responsibility, Business Ethics and Sustainability.


Do you want to contribute to human development seeking to relieve poverty, satisfying the basic needs of all peoples promoting sustainable economic growth?

Do you want to exchange experiences among students coming from all over the world?

Then you might want to join the IMSD programme!

EOI offers an innovative and eminently practical programme that focuses on building up collective knowledge and understanding the real situation and future trends in sustainable development and corporate responsibility in international companies and institutions. The purpose of the IMSD programme is to prepare a new generation of responsible business and community leaders that will take organisations and policy makers to meeting the global challenges of the 21st century.

You will get the experience of top professionals, experts in development, environmental management, CSR and Social Entrepreneurship (link al video Clase Abierta IMSD: Social Entrepreneurship, Daniel Truran) among others.

The IMSD is aimed at university graduates or young professionals, who are interested in developing their professional career within the area of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Management. Applicants are welcome from any subject discipline. We need form them positive attitude and motivation to think of new ideas and new projects.

A high level of English is required. Thinking green as well!

General information
Title: International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (Madrid).

Edición: VII Edition

Convocatoria: 2013-2014

Dirigido a        

Applicants are welcome from any subject discipline, with or without professional experience. Commitment towards sustainable development, positive critical attitude and motivation to take up a leadership position in any type of organization are required. A high level of English is needed.

Periodo lectivo: October - July + optional internship period

Fecha curso: October 2013

Preinscripción: Application Process Now Open.

Horario: Monday to Friday. From 9:30 to 14:00 h. Lessons in the afternoon will be given from 16:00 to 20:00 h.

Lugar: Madrid

Modalidad del curso: Presencial

Duración: 600 contact hours

Equivalent 70 credits: 60 credits for contact hours + individual study + work-group assignments PLUS 10 credits for the Final Project.

Dedicación: Full Time

Precio: 14.820 Euros

Idioma: Inglés


The IMSD offers an excellent curriculum that includes a selection of inter-disciplinary courses geared to the development of crossover management abilities. The IMSD is a 9 month full time programme starting October 2011 and finishing July 2012.

It consists of 600 contact hours, equivalent to 70 credits: 60 credits correspond to lessons, individual study and work-group assignments and 10 credits correspond to the Final Project

The programme consists of three groups of subjects: Common Subjects (100 contact hours), Core Subjects (470 contact hours) and Elective Subjects (30 contact hours).

Common subjects on Business Fundamentals are aligned with EOI's key performance axes: Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Core subjects are specific to the IMSD and cover main sustainability challenges i.e. environmental management, socio-economic development, corporate responsibility and reputation, sustainability programmes in international organisations, social entrepreneurship ...

In March students will attend 30 hours of elective subjects, among a pool of matters related to Sustainability Management. During this period, students have also the possibility to join one of our Study Abroad Programmes thanks to the several agreements the school has with international institutions.

During the second part of the Master, a Final Project is undertaken in teams of 3-4 students. This final dissertation will be presented in July at EOI´s Hall and will be assessed by an academic committee. Passing the Final Project is a necessary condition to obtain the IMSD Diploma.

The IMSD is considered a full time programme and students must study and work individually or in teams every day after class; therefore it is not advisable to combine it with a part time job.

IMSD Contents

Hereafter the IMSD subjects are shown:

:: Strategy
:: Marketing
:: Economic Environment
:: Accounting and Finance
:: Innovation Management
:: Introduction to Sustainability and CR
:: Project Management
:: Managerial Skills
:: Entrepreneurial Initiative
Theory and Practice for Development
:: Socio-Economic Development Perspectives

    Introduction to Development
    Rules of the Game
    Players, levels and sectors
    Management, policies and tools
    Cross-Sector Partnerships

:: Sustainable Urban Planning and Rural Development
Development and the Environment
:: Environmental and Energy Challenges

Careers Service

EOI makes a careers service available for Postgraduate students in order to collaborate in the student’s learning process, guiding them in developing their personal skills when facing joining the employment market.

Skills testing and conducting various workshops on employability seek to enhance the student’s skills during the training period planned at EOI.

Work experience at companies

Another very important aspect of training at EOI is the chance of gaining work experience at companies representing the current business framework. Through its Work Experience Management Department, EOI manages partnerships with companies in order to facilitate the future integration of students into the employment market. It is intended that the practical training acquired in companies will help our students achieve a solid foundation for professionalism and a higher rate of employability.

Generally, these work experience placements usually last six to twelve months, and most students interested in them usually manage to get a place, about 95% of students.

These work experience placements begin after the lecture sessions have been completed so students can carry out the work experience full time, applying their knowledge and skills acquired during the previous months, and therefore constituting an essential complement in preparing students for the world of work.
Work Experience Management Department (WEMD)

Also, through the Work Experience Management Department (WEMD), students of the Master programme may participate in the following activities during the course

    1. Meetings with companies: have the opportunity to gain access to managers from different industrial, technological, financial, environmental sectors among others and share their experience with them. Deepen their knowledge about specific markets. These meetings in classrooms are an opportunity to understand the potential of markets, demands of companies and characteristics of their recruitment processes.
    2. Employability workshops: in order to plan joining the work environment at their very best, promoting and enhancing the skills and abilities of students.
    3. Individual Assessments: individual career and personal guidance interviews.
    4. Company Day: during the last quarter of the Master, WEMP organizes the Company Day: different presentations, interviews, visits and individual meetings with the companies that will participate in the various processes of recruiting the students. This direct meeting favours, without doubt, a reciprocal value and represents a double opportunity for students and businesses.
    5. Recruitment processes: at the end of the Master programme, WEMD acts as a mediator between the collaborating companies and students. At this stage, WEMD offers the necessary support to students to tackle the recruitment process in the easiest and most effective way.
    6. Monitoring: students on work experience will be individually monitored by EOI with the aim of developing themselves under optimal conditions.
:: Environmental Economics and Accounting
:: Environmental Responsibility and Lobbies
:: Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Impact Assessment
:: Climate Change and Low Carbon Economies
Sustainability Policies and Programmes in International Organizations and the European Union
Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Management
a) Introduction to CR or What is a Responsible Business
:: Introduction to Intangibles
:: Business Ethics
:: Good Governance
:: Stakeholders Engagement
b) CR into Business Strategy and Operations
:: Integrating CR into Corporate Strategy (& Balance Scorecard)
:: Mainstreameing CR into the functional areas: marketing, purchasing, supply chain, human resources…
:: Measuring CR: Key Performance Indicators
:: International Standards
:: Risk and Reputation Management
:: Sustainability Reporting
c) Where Sustainability gets down to Business
:: Ethical banking
:: Social entrepreneurship
:: Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) and Inclusive Business
:: Technology and development

Please note the above mentioned subjects might slightly change during the course of the Masters if the direction considers it appropriate for the improvement of the program.
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