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Contemporary Art Conservation - 1st Level Master Degree
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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Venecia

Contemporary Art Conservation - 1st Level Master Degree - Venecia - Italia

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Nadia Bacco
Contemporary Art Conservation - 1st Level Master Degree
  • Modalidad de impartición

    Este Máster es dictado por IED en su sede en Venecia, Italia.

  • Número de horas

    La duración del programa es de un año.

  • Titulación oficial

    Los egresados adquirirán el Contemporary Art Conservation - 1st Level Master Degree.

  • Valoración del Programa

    El programa de IED brinda competencias prácticas y teóricas para sus estudiantes dentro del campo de la curaduría, la conservación y la restauración de piezas de arte contemporáneas.

    Dentro de los módulos se ven temas como la historia del arte, la museologría, el sistema de arte y las nociones de patrimonio cultural, entre otros.

  • Dirigido a

    Podrán aplicar a este programa titulados y profesionales del diseño, el arte y la cultura, interesados en gestión de conservación.

  • Empleabilidad

    Tras concluir el programa, cada estudiante podrá desempeñarse en diferentes sectores laborales: galerías de arte, museos, centros culturales, y colecciones privadas, entre otros.

Contemporary Art Conservation - 1st Level Master Degree - Venecia - Italia Comentarios sobre Contemporary Art Conservation - 1st Level Master Degree - Venecia - Italia
Contemporary Art Conservation - 1st Level Master Degree.

Master - Venice.

Start date: March 2017
Duration: 1 year
Attendance: full-time
Language: English

The issue of Contemporary Art Conservation is at the center of debates and disagreements. The diversity and originality of used materials, the ephemerality and perishability of some art works, the use of new media and, last but not least, the immateriality of some performances and happenings make this field a continuously and rapidly evolving ground where well prepared specialists ready to deal with this wide and inestimable patrimony are definitely missing.

Starting from here and from the individual peculiarities of each Campus, Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli – IED Como and Istituto Europeo di Design Venezia, signed a partnership which proposes an ambitious Higher Education project.

 Career opportunities - The Specialist in Contemporary Art Conservation can work either in conservation or in restoration, boasting a theoretical and practical knowledge specifically connected to the contemporary times. The employment sectors include galleries, public and private museums, public institutions for conservation and land-use planning, exhibition setup and art transportation businesses, studio and analysis labs, university departments of Art History, restoration and conservation companies.


Target - This Master is opened to graduates who want to acquire theoretical and practical skills in the field of contemporary art conservation, interested and operate in a dynamic and evolving sector. Previous studies in fine arts academies and schools of restoration could be considered as an asset, but not a prerequisite to access the course.

Methodology and strcture - The course is divided into two modules, characterized by a specific course of study, strictly related to the peculiarity of the venue: Venice and Como.

The 1st module, offered by IED Venice, provides students with an original preparation in the field of arts and conservation, interchanging lessons in class with visits and meetings, so to understand the concrete application of theoretical concept analyzed in class. A focus is dedicated on the management of the contemporary artwork, the legal aspect and the valorization of cultural heritage..

In the 2nd Module, the possibility to operate in the technical laboratory of Accademia Aldo Galli-IED Como, will offers a concrete preparation in the field of restoration, through workshops and practical experiences training students to understand the artworks peculiarities and how to operate on them.

A specific training period is scheduled at the end of the course and will contribute to the definition of the final project.


Module 1 - Venice

History of Modern Art.

From Dada to New Dada, the course analyzes a timeframe of about 60 years underlying the most important innovations speaking of using materials in the modern art. Starting from the introduction of the ready made from Marcel Duchamp, the course runs through art history - focusing on the strongly innovative artists in the introducing of new material in the artistic practice analyzing the expressive, functional and poetic values.

History of Contemporary Art.

The period analyzed is the time frame between the neo-avantgarde and nowadays with a focus on the most important artistic trends: from land art to Italian arte povera (i.e. poor art), from  graffiti to the video art, from the recent digital art to web art. The course examines in depth the most important Italian and International artists with a specific focus on La Biennale and the innovation of materials in the last 20 years.

Museology, Museography and Art System.

The course analyzes the evolution of the role and the function of the museum in the contemporary time; its relations between the social context and the present culture - with a focus on the conservation issues of different artworks.

Management, Promotion and Legislation of Contemporary Cultural Heritage.

Analysis of the different policies applied in Italy and in the international area for the management and promotion of the contemporary cultural heritage. Analysis of different systems for the safeguard of contemporary cultural heritage on the basis of Italian and international legislations. Analysis and detailed study on the differences between the English system and the European one.

Artwork Handling

The course sifts through the behavioral rules including the transport operations, supports, raisings, loads, placement, pull, grab, movement make happen by the operators; suitable lines (anchoring and climate) include what are the Condition Report and the Facility Report and how to fill out these formats.

Problems in the Conservation of Contemporary Art.

Starting from case histories, participants elaborate a research project to deeply analyse the techniques and preservation solutions - connected to new materials introduced in the XX century. Following the Brandi’s approach the goal is ensuring the conservation of the artwork's materials through the knowledge of industrial materials, execution techniques and the environment they are placed in, to understand the deterioration phenomena and prevent them.    

Preventive Conservation.

The course offers an overview of the techniques and theories of conservation applied to contemporary materials like videos, fleeting materials, fast deteriorating materials, wondering about the possibility of preventive actions to take for the preservation of the artworks.

Field Trips and Visits

During this module the plan includes visits to the most important Contemporary Arts Foundations and Museums with an in depth analysis on the La Biennale - Arte 2017.

Module 2 - Como.

Technical Disciplines in Contemporary Restoration.

The disciplines regarding the artworks restore are examined through workshops and case histories.
The study of the relation between the conditions before and after the restore follow the analysis of the correct restore practices with a focus on materials.

History of Restoration and Contemporary Techniques

The course includes the analysis of the restoration techniques adopted for the conservation of contemporary artworks combined with important case studies from different point of views: execution techniques, placement, artistic willpower, materials degradations, public interactions.

Workshop Restoration.

Through four workshop students examine in depth the restore technique applied to different traditional materials used in an innovative way:
-    moving paints and frescos
-    sculptures and polimaterial artworks
-    paper and photo materials
-    sinewy materials and costumes
Research, Diagnostics and New Technologies for the Restoration.

The course deals with the present state of restore disciplines and techniques involving practice surveys that precede every restore operation properly conducted. 


Participants have the chance to practice the skills they got during the course through an internship – 160 hours minimum - taking into consideration students’ attitude as well as the features of involved companies. The internship can deal with restoration and conservation of contemporary pieces of art, or with enhancement and communication process of artistic heritage.


Partnerships with leading enterprises are a fundamental factor in the IED’s educational strategy, featuring both at every stage throughout the didactic process and in the special events held to mark the end of every academic year. As a result of the IED’s constant, active relationship with the business world, more than 200 firms contribute in various ways every year to its student training programmes.
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